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Re: [BKARTS] odd things that one finds in a book

An odd thing I just found recently is a wire hook in the spine.  Since this
topic came up, I'm going to ask if anyone knows what it might be.

This book came in for repair.  The hinges were loose and the spine slightly
frayed, but the spine was not separated from the rest of the cover, so I'm
assuming this wire was placed in the book when it was originally bound.

The piece of wire extends just above the spine of the textblock, but wasn't
sticking above the cover.  The end is a small loop about 1/4" in diameter
(approximately 1/2 of the loop extends above the textblock).  The section
between the loop and where it enters the textblock is twisted (like it was a
long peice of wire which was looped over and then twisted to hold it in
place).  The wire enters (or exits) the textblock in the middle of a
signature approximately in the middle of the book.  The wire was inserted
after the spine linings were in place, but as I mentioned earlier, it
appears it was there before being cased in.

I will try to post a photo of this later today.  Any opinions or hard facts
regarding this curious "thing" would be appreciated.  I can see no purpose
for it, and since this is a book in the general circulating collections, the
wire will be removed as we repair it.


 Eric Alstrom      Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College      Hanover, NH
 603-646-1452      eric.c.alstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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