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Re: [BKARTS] odd things that one finds in a book


The most interesting thing I found in a book was six ounces of cocaine. Of
course I expected to find it there. The book was brought to me by the DEA. A
drug sniffing dog, in Florida, was attracted to a package containg the book.
The package was addressed to a person living in a nearby town. The book, had
padded covers. I disassembled the book and found two ounces of pure cocaine
in each cover. I was instructed to replace the cocaine with a look-a-like
substance. I chose soluble nylon. A tablespoon of the cocaine was intermixed
with the soluble nylon. Enough to keep it illegal. I  rebound the book with
the new substance in the covers. The book was then put back in the mail and
watched by the DEA. When the package was delivered. the DEA agents allowed
time for the man to open his package of goodies. They knocked on his door,
introduced themselves to the fellow and initiated a search. They found the
ripped apart book in his waste basket and the coke in the fridge. He remarked
that he should have been suspicious when opening the package the book was
somewhat damp. The DEA agent told me they ought to have thought of that, but,
no matter, they caught their man.

The worst thing I found in a book was a large (maybe 4 x 4) piece of skin
that had apparently been peeled from someone's sunburn. Great souvenir!


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