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Re: [BKARTS] odd things that one finds in a book

I once found a curly black hair glued to a spine after the linings were
removed.  As I recall the book was an early 19th century imprint,
original cover.

Some years ago a colleague of mine found a olded letter written in
Hebrew  (we decided) under the pastedown of a 16th century binding.  We
returned it to the library with the book and an explanation of where it
was found.

And once I found large pieces of a manuscript quartermaster's record
used to line the backbone of a mid-19th century volume.

Add to these the usual pieces of flotsam, feathers, ribbons, ferns,
roses, tissue, family documents, newspaper clippings, bug frass...all
added after the binder was done, of course.

Eugene, OR

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