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Re: [BKARTS] odd things that one finds in a book

Thanks, Leslie, for starting this fascinating thread.

I have found all sorts of paper used to line boards or spines, the most
recent, ledger pages from the account books of the Italian binder who had
bound the (blank) album obviously for the tourist trade. The beautiful
marbled pastedowns had been used cross-grain and the sides covered
completely, with edges turned in, before being attached to the already
applied spine.
The album had been used for 40 years as a guest book and the text pages, in
good condition, were filled with signatures, drawings, letters and poems
written by guests from all over the world. A loose business card had the
address of Trivet Lie (Gen.Sec. of the UN 1954-62) in Oslo, Norway.

I usually return to the owner loose things I find in books, but I still have
a 3 1/2 x 7" bookmark printed on cellophane showing a branch of holly, with
berries and the message in script:
"The Officers and Directors of the Inter-State National Bank of Kansas City,
send greetings and best wishes for the New Year! They hope it will be a
prosperous one for you and that they may enjoy your confidence and
patronage. January 1st 1909"

Beloved cookbooks usually have recipe clippings, margin notes and batter,
sauces and gravy stains near favorite recipes. I put the clippings in
baggies but make no effort to remove the food remnants or handwritten notes.
That's what identify the cookbook as the owner's friend. I have suggested to
people who bring me a falling-apart Joy of Cooking that they could buy a new
or duplicate used one for far less than repairing it would cost. The answer
is always, "Then it wouldn't be MY old book."

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