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Re: [BKARTS] odd things that one finds in a book

In the Bible of the descendants of a slave family  - tucked behind a large nail
through the spine - the tiny braid of a young girl - cut as she was sold off to a
neighboring family...sobering...    Kathy Parulski

Peter Verheyen wrote:

> On spine linings: All matter of publications. Type depends on date of
> items, but has included ms. fragments on vellum, printed books, advertising...
> Boards:
> A mostly complete woodcut map from the 15th century which had been pasted
> together to make the boards. Other printed sheets, including advertising,
> illustrations, ... used as linings
> Coverings:
> Leaves of vellum ms used to cover books
> In Books: Dirt, gravy stains, wax, flies (in one book in particular, an
> 18th century Bible, hundreds of them), plant materials (for pressing),
> devotional stuff, needles, some with the sewing tread still attached,
> marginalia.
> p.
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