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[BKARTS] werid things found in books...

We got a book in to be rebound whose original boards were pressboards of old manuscripts. It took us awhile to decipher the script, a Secretary hand, but we finally figured out it must be German. A guy in our business park spoke German so we showed him the pages. He said it was old, old German, which his mother in Germany read. We copied a few of the pages and he sent them to her. It turned out to be records from the 1600's about who was going to church at the Catholic church and who at the Protestant church (this is a simplification) in Frankfurt.

My favorite flotsam is a red, tag board heart invitation to the Prince Carnival at the Masonic Lodge in Temple, TX on Feb. 14, 1911, a 'Ladies' Ticket.' The owner of the book didn't want it so it's pasted in my journal. I've found bits of lace, an old money order from 1903, stamps, calling cards, poems and the usual pressed flowers..
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