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Re: [BKARTS] wire loop in bidnding

For all of the thousands of spine repairs we have done - we have never seen
anything like that.  It is very interesting.  We unfortunately do not have
a copy of it or else I'd got to the stacks and see if ours was still in
tact.  It made me think to do a Borrow Direct search and it turns out that
Yale also has a copy.  Anyone there want to go and check the stacks?  Might
be interesting.

Michelle Venditelli

That might be what it was used for, but I've never encountered a bookmark
tape secured like this.  Usually they are just glued in onto the spine and
that is all.

I have posted pictures of the binding and wire loop.  You can view them at:

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Unless there is some great historical
importance to this wire, it will be removed when we finish the repair.  I
just wanted to ask before I tore it out.


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