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Re: [BKARTS] Odd things that one finds in a book

Here in Jerusalem we have a fellow, Ezra by name, who has a sixth sense for
finding things in bindings. I don't remember what he's found offhand, but
I'll ask him for his most interesting finds.

My teacher Emrys once found a lovely little pair of scissors, apparently
hand made, in the spine of an old folio volume. Can you imagine the binder
wondering what happened to his scissors for a year or two after?

I restored a Greek dictionary (1496, I think it was) printed in
Thessolonica. It belonged to a Jewish man whose family came from there, and
he bought it from some Orthodox Christian monks. There was a piece of scrap
paper under the endpaper reenforcing the joint, and when I unfolded it, I
found a list of books intended for a binder with instructions about the
bindings. The titles and the directions were all in Hebrew, indicating that
the client and the binder must both have known Hebrew. The titles enabled
someone at the University to date the binding at no more than 250 years old.
Oneof the titles in the list had a note beside it: Ganav mimeni (stolen from
me). One the reverse side was lots of signatures and some doodling,
including a great picture of a creature resembling a cross between a dog and
a bull.

Yehuda Miklaf

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