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Re: [BKARTS] Things hidden

He was upset, especially when a friend of mine in the
security industry told us the bug was used exclusively
by the FBI and ATF. (Not the typefounder.)

--- Jules Siegel <siegel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> on 1/23/03 12:53 PM, maykitten1@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I one time had a customer bring a "new" old book
> to me for binding, and I
> > found, slipped into the spine a printed circuit
> about 1.25X5" that turned out
> > to be a bugging transmitter.
> How did your client react?

Pagan, Pagan, what are you finding?
Yours is the road that winds lonely and far,
Strange are the shadows that round you come creeping,
Still through the clouds is the glint of a star!

>From the book, Charge of the Goddess
BY: Doreen Valiente

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