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Re: [BKARTS] Deacidification, etc.


Deacidification isn't all that common. Likely candidates are documents that
are relativey prone to acid decay such as newspaper, books on cheap paper
that are already showing symptoms of acidity, record sections in acidic
Family Bibles that, themselves, aren't deacidified, books that have been
invaded by airborne acids, and perhaps as a precaution to a  document that is
to be framed. Non-aqueous deacidification isn't harmful but it isn't always
necessary. Also it can get to be very expensive.

While just washing  paper that is non-acidic by nature will often do the
trick; that would necessitate dismantling the book; which I am reluctant to
do if the sewing is sound.

You mentioned gelatin size. Resizing paper is not all that difficult.


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