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[BKARTS] Artist Eats Bush's Book

Its time for the University of Florida's faculty Art Exhibition at
the Harn Art Museum in Gainesville, Florida.  Among the array is
Sean Miller's "A Charge to Keep" installation of a book accompanied
by photos...which documents Miller's journey through a book --and
the book's journey through Miller.  The book in question is George
W. Bush's "A Charge to Keep: My Journey to the White House".  Since
February, Miller has been cutting up the book along a grid and,
well, devouring all the contents.  He plans to finish eating
George's book by the time Bush leaves office.

Miller says "I have eaten most of the book raw, although I do
occasionally include pieces of the book with bologna sandwiches or
with tacos.  These are foods that George W. mentioned he enjoys."

The opening reception is tonight.

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