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Re: [BKARTS] File format for colour photocopy

At 02:21 AM 1/24/2003 -0500, you wrote:
Could anyone please help with this problem:  I'm new to artists' books, and
am experimenting with a variety of techniques.  It's proving to be very time
consuming, and I'd like to scan the finished pages into the computer and save
to disc for reproducing on a colour photocopier.  The local printers
suggested scanning images at 400 dpi but there is some disagreement over the
type of file - JPEG, bitmap, or is there a better format?   Also, is 400 dpi
a high enough resolution for a photocopier?

If it were me (and I do this in my "day job" as well as for my own purposes) I'd scan as high as possible (600 dpi on my equipment) and save the image as a "master" PSD or TIF. That way you can always manipulate it later.

I'd print it out on my own printer, do some trial runs at different dpi,
and take the printouts to the printer or make a working copy on disc
or CD for the printer, e.g. 400 dpi .jpg, whatever you decide works best.

If you scan it at low-res and save it as a .jpg, you will never be
able to recover the lost information unless you rescan it.


Susan Fatemi
Earthquake Engineering Library

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