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Re: [BKARTS] Wooden Book Boards

In a message dated 1/24/2003 3:23:45 PM Eastern Standard Time,
trent@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Looking for info on how wooden book boards were put on text blocks.  =
> Next week someone is bringing a book for repairing published in =
> Palestine about 1920 with wooden book boards.  Over the phone he seems =
> to relate there is no spine on the book.  Appreciate any help on this =
> matter.

I've seen books from that part of the world made in the early 20th century,
and as I recall, they wood boards were attached by means of hinges extending
from the spine lining and adhered to the inside binding edges of the boards
(along with any sewing support extensions that might have been used.  To
replace a missing spine you could make a hollow spine lining on the back of
the textblock over an initial cloth lining (with the hinges), then use cloth,
leather or paper to construct a new spine.  If the outer leaves of the
textblock have darkened much more than the inner text, you might want to
place alkaline interleaving inside each wood cover to prevent further acid
migration (even if the paper itself is acidic).  Hope I understood the issues
involved, and that this response is helpful!

Nancy H. Nitzberg
B o o k - C a r e

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