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Re: [BKARTS] File format for colour photocopy

on 1/24/03 9:52 AM, JaciSull@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Unless a printer is using InDesign he will have to convert your PSD file to
> something else in order to place it in a documnent - it is never the best idea
> to have someone else "mess with" your files. I suggest sticking with a TIFF
> file.

The final file can be a TIFF, but it's better to keep the working file PSD.
I do use InDesign, but I usually give my files to printer as PDF. This
solves a lot of problems, but not all printers are set up to handle PDF
because it requires an up-to-date Adobe Post Script compatible RIP. The
Xerox color laser printers I'm using do very well with PDF, though.

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