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Re: [BKARTS] Odd Thgs-(now)-Deacidification

This does not exactly answer the question about deacidification, but
here is an interesting research project for some aspiring graduate
student who is willing/able to collect together and critically
examine a couple dozen (or more!) copies of this book:

_Manual on Methods of Reproducing Research Materials_
by Robert C. Binkley, Ann Arbor, MI, Edwards Bros. Inc., 1936
contains actual examples of all of the materials in common use at
the time, to preserve library collections.

In addition to a reduced size reading strip for use in a Fiskoscope
and a frame of 35mm microfilm, there is a sheet of newsprint, laminated
with Japanese tissue as done by the New York Public Library since 1916
(according to this book.)

The methodology is only briefly described:

"The New York Public Library protects some of its newspaper files by
covering both sides of the sheet with Japanese tissue paper, then
smoothing them by running them through a heated mangle."  p. 105

There is a chapter on paper permanence.

Learn as much as possible about the environment of the library over time
where each copy of the book resided; examine and test the physical and
chemical properties of the samples.

Report the findings.



>If you have any
>suggestions as to how we might locate some items/paper that were deacidified
>50-70 (or more) years ago, I am interested. I know where we can have the
>paper/book examined and tested.


>Bill Minter
>William Minter Bookbinding and Conservation, Inc.
>Woodbury, PA

Thompson Conservation Lab.
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Portland, Oregon  97217

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"The lyfe so short; the craft so long to lerne."
Chaucer  _Parlement of Foules_ 1386

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