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[BKARTS] image compressions....

Regarding saving of images,

.jpg is a compressed file and therefore probably isn't the best choice
for saving images of quality.
.tiff is a file with more complete image data, and therefore would be
the best choice. But beware, these files are going to be very large in
comparison to a .jpg of the same size, due to the compression of the


Date:    Fri, 24 Jan 2003 02:21:43 EST
From:    Jen Hogben <Jennyhogben@xxxxxxx>
Subject: File format for colour photocopy

Could anyone please help with this problem:  I'm new to artists'
books, and
am experimenting with a variety of techniques.  It's proving to be
very time
consuming, and I'd like to scan the finished pages into the computer
and save
to disc for reproducing on a colour photocopier.  The local printers
suggested scanning images at 400 dpi but there is some disagreement
over the
type of file - JPEG, bitmap, or is there a better format?   Also, is
400 dpi
a high enough resolution for a photocopier?
I've searched the archives, but can't find anything on this subject,
it's probably been discussed before,
South Australia


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