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Re: [BKARTS] pressing kozo paper

The one time I made a half-hearted attempt at japanese style paper, I used
our regular manual hydraulic press and this did not cause any obvious
troubles. I just made sure I pressed real slow and steady... not just "one
pump stroke every 20 minutes", but "press the pump handle down another inch
every 5 minutes".

Half-hearted because, although I had hand-beaten Gampi pulp and couched the
sheets without felts, I was using a western-style mould and synthetic
formation aid (which remains active for days, unlike tororo-aoi). I was
forming the sheets using the japanese multiple slosh-and-dump method,
I had a little trouble separating the sheets once pressed, but no more than
I expected given this was my first time with this material. I understand
Kozo sheets separate easier than Gampi ones do.

The main reason for the slow pressing is the fragility of the post, which
often contains no felts at all, and is therefore just a big slab of *very*
soggy pulp. Slow pressure is necessary to force the water out with
sufficiently little pressure gradient and flow rate that the pulp fibres are
not disturbed by the escaping water.

By having pellon between your sheets you have probably already increased
your maximum pressing rate.

If you had a small electric pump you would not have to waste the water you
use as a pressing weight. Once pressing is done, pump it into a storage
barrel and re-use it for your next pressing.
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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