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Re: [BKARTS] Query

While I have no very novel suggestions for selling book art I found that
acquiring an ISBN number from Bowker at P.O.Box 2068. Oldsmar,FL. 34677-0037
( they publish Books in Print) I received a good number of book orders from
Libraries, Special Orders frombookstores (including on-line, Barnes and Noble
and Amazon.com. This system is not meant for small limited edition or unique
one of a kind books, but rather for small editions of 100 or 200 books. The
number also seems to legitimize these small edition artists books. About 15
years ago I had persuaded Bowker to list these as artists books- they never
exactly did that as a separate category, but it is acceptabloe within the
description of the book to categorize them as artists books.

I would like to take this opportunity to let the book arts list know that the
ISCA Quarterly will cease publication with the June 2003 Annual Box of Books.
The ISCA will continue on with  a new entity called the ISCA Annual Bookworks
Project. There will no longer be the spiral bound print issues, but the
Bookworks project will be a rather major undertaking and willbe tied to a
traveling exhibiton of artists books. Hopefully, all of the current
institutional subscribers to the Quarterly will sign on for this Annual
Bookworks Project. If you wish to know more about this please e-mail me and
when plans are firmed up I will let you know.

If you wish to contribute a book edition to the final ISCA Annual Bookworks
Box as a guest contributor the specifications are : Maximum outside
dimensions 7x81/2 inches, edition 125, open theme, Deadline June 1st,
packages should be sent to ISCA, 222 Bone Hollow Road, Accord, NY 12404. A
check for $10 made out to ISCA to cover packaging and postage, as well as a
statement of your intention to contribute work to that issue should be sent
to ISCA, 759 President St. #2H, B'klyn, NY 11215.Each participant receives a
copy of the box of books (generally 35-40 small bookworks).

Finally, there are still some back issues of the Quarterly, both the Book
Boxes and Print issues available.  The book issue is $25 plus $5 postage, the
print issues,of which there are many more ,are being offered at the truly
bargain price of 4 copies for $25 plus $4 postage instead of $10 each. These
spiral bound original prints represent an often fascinating view of the
issues that have concerned artists over the past 20 years. Finally, a one
year set of 3 print issues and the book issue are available for $50 postage

Louise Neaderland,
Director ISCA

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