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[BKARTS] When Julie Sadler speaks...

So often on this list we hear from participants and don't know anything
about their background and ties to the book arts.  I've never met Julie
Sadler, but I know a little bit about her books and her particular skills
and interest in computer-generated text, images, and sound.

Julie has published a book entitled Dreamiverse.  It is a portfolio that
includes a color-copied pamphlet-sewn book of her dream-inspired collages on
one side, and a compact disk on the other.  On the disk there are several of
the dream collages that are animated with sounds.  It is possible to
manipulate the curser over the illustrations to set in motion new animations
and sounds.  It's a great insight into the direction and future
possibilities of books.  As a bonus, the CD includes patterns for making two
jumping jacks, a She-Jack and a He-Jack.  I have one suspended above my
worktable and a playful tug is often all that is necessary to reverse a
production setback!  As I recall the book is a steal at only $30.

Julie is also the editor of a CD 'zine called AEZ.  I've seen the first two
issues and just the improvements between 1 & 2 are impressive.  The opening
sequence for Issue Two takes the viewer through an interactive animated
musical forest of prancing creatures and flying fairies before reaching the
table of contents.  From there, the contributions are a mixed bag.  Some
(the ones by Julie and Fran Saperstein in particular) are visually exciting
while other pieces seem flat by comparison.  Overall, however, it's
interesting to see how artists, both visual and musical, present their work
in a CD format.  This is where we are headed, folks.

Julie can be reached at <rustik@xxxxxxxxxx>

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