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[BKARTS] Pressing Kozo Paper

I have used a car jack press successfully with kozo paper - using less
pressure than western papers and leaving overnight or longer. You will need
to experiment with pressure - it should be quite gentle.
 There are generally no felts or other similar separators between the sheets
of kozo - but you can run a fine thread along the edge of the couched
paper - about 1 cm in. To remove individual sheets of paper take hold of the
thread and gently pull it out, separating the sheets. Lift the sheet of
paper onto a pole and lift pole and paper. Hold these against the wall of
the drying tank (if you have one - window maybe if you don't) and gently
brush on with a soft brush, brushing towards the edge of the paper.
If you want to continue using the bucket method but are concerned about
water usage why not put a tap and /or hose into the bucket so you can empty
it into another  holding bucket.
Hope this helps
Judy Barrass

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