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Re: [BKARTS] Query

Louise wrote: >While I have no very novel suggestions for selling book art
I found that
>acquiring an ISBN number from Bowker at P.O.Box 2068. Oldsmar,FL. 34677-0037
>( they publish Books in Print) ...>>

Hi folks,

I'm new here, and I'm finding this thread interesting.  I'm an artist who
works in mixed-media collage.  As a former commercial book author,
small-publisher and writer, I've become fascinated with the thought of
combining my writing skills with my publishing know-how and my collages to
publish either a small edition or limited edition artist's book.  I've been
enamored with the book arts for years, but haven't done much about it
except learn to make handmade papers and original decorated papers which I
use in my collages.  I've also taught on-line classes on simple papermaking
and how to make simple journals.

I am also interested in learning about how one goes about marketing these
types of books.  I already have an ISBN........I would never have thought
about listing an artist's book in BIP....that's very good to know.  I think
the "rule" is that a book has to be at least 50-pages long to be listed
there, though.....which would disqualify some artist's books.

I'll check out the archives here....Any other sites of interest I should see?

What is the market for artist's books?  Special libraries, bookstores that
specialize in art books, collectors.......???

Looking forward to participating......

Bobbi C.
Mixed-media collage paintings

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