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[BKARTS] Unbinding the Book information

Dear Friends - I learned, to my regret, that I have inadvertently sent out
some copies of Unbinding the Book that are missing ends of lines and whole
lines of type. In checking with a graphic designer friend who is more
knowledgable about these things, I learned that the type font I was using has
been corrupted (apparently I used one that is infamous for this).
Consequently, when I printed a clean copy to take to Kinkos, the type
"re-flowed" and changed everything. Please examine your copy. I believe there
are only a few out there, dating from last summer on, but if you happen to
have one please email me and I will send you a new, complete copy. Look on
pages 9 and 25 and read the bottom of the page and the top of the following
page - if it doesn't make sense, you're it!

My sincere apologies for this inconvenience. I continue to learn new ways my
computer can thwart my attempts at perfection in this lifetime! Barbara Harman

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