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Re: [BKARTS] Unbinding the Book information

In a message dated 1/28/03 7:11:27 AM, ddrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< This is a problem that is common when moving to a new machine (even if
there is no corruption), especially cross platform moves. It's one of
the reasons I am increasingly happy with PDFs (with embedded fonts).
Solution: take your font, install it on the output system. Different
manufactures fonts with the same names may not be identical in all

I've had excellent results with PDFs stabilizing cross platform files.
I am just finishing an edition of 5 real estate portfolios (mexican
properties). The files were done in PowerPoint on a windows machine and
I'm outputting on a Mac. Often a catastrophe for punctuation and
accented characters. PDFs saved the day!

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind>

Thanks, Don. this would of course be much more helpful if I had the foggiest
idea how to go about doing what you suggest! My ignorance probably makes me
dangerous (or at least costly) and I suppose I will have to do something soon
about remedying that. Thanks anyway for the the suggestion. Barbara

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