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Re: [BKARTS] Unbinding the Book information

>Thanks, Don. this would of course be much more helpful if I had the foggiest
>idea how to go about doing what you suggest! My ignorance probably makes me
>dangerous (or at least costly) and I suppose I will have to do something soon
>about remedying that. Thanks anyway for the the suggestion. Barbara>>

I don't know about the Bodoni fonts specifically, but I used to be the
"Lazergraphics Specialist" at AlphaGraphics in Austin, and we had problems
like that all the time.  It mostly happened when a customer would bring in
a disk with a document on it where they had used a font we didn't have in
our system.

We would have to tell everyone to make sure that they had the *same* fonts
on their system that we used.....Otherwise, it was *guaranteed* to cause
problems like you mentioned.

This was before the days of PDF.  Also, we always checked after doing the
final copy that everything was where it needed to be.  We have a Kinko's in
town (they were our biggest competitor), and they were notorious for not
checking anything.  I know that varies from town to town, but still.........

Bobbi C.

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