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[BKARTS] Book Arts Courses at Rare Book School

[Cross-posted. Please excuse any duplication.]

RARE BOOK SCHOOL is pleased to announce its Spring and Summer 2003
Sessions, a collection of five-day, non-credit courses on topics concerning
rare books, manuscripts, the history of books and printing, and special
collections to be held at the University of Virginia.

FOR AN APPLICATION FORM and electronic copies of the complete brochure and
Rare Book School expanded course descriptions, providing additional details
about the courses offered and other information about Rare Book School,
visit our Web site at


Subscribers to the list may find the following Rare Book School courses to
be of particular interest:

3-7).  An explanation of the diversities of European bookbinding
structures, up to and including the early period of more generalized
practice and division of labor. Topics: identification (where possible) of
the main types of binding structures; their dating and provenance; the
recognition and recording of materials and techniques. Instructor:
Christopher Clarkson.

CHRISTOPHER CLARKSON has held conservation positions at the Bodleian
Library, the Walters Art Gallery, and the Library of Congress. An
internationally renowned consultant on the care of medieval manuscripts and
bindings, he is now in independent practice in Oxford. He has taught this
course at Rare Book School many times since 1984.

7-11). Papermaking from its introduction in Europe through the Industrial
Revolution, emphasizing changes in technology and the economics of the
trade. Topics include: labor and management, the identification and
description of paper in early books and manuscripts, and the revival of
hand-papermaking in the c20. The course will include demonstrations of
manufacturing techniques, and sessions in which students will date and
localize early papers on the basis of watermark and other physical
evidence. Instructors: Timothy D. Barrett and John Bidwell.

TIMOTHY D. BARRETT is  is Research Scientist at the University of Iowa,
where he was the director of the Center for the Book between 1996 and 2002.
His publications include Japanese Papermaking: Traditions, Tools and
Techniques (1983) and other books, articles and videotapes on the history,
technique and aesthetics of both oriental and western papermaking. He and
John Bidwell have taught this course together at RBS many times since 1987.

JOHN BIDWELL is Astor Curator of Printed Books and Bindings at the Pierpont
Morgan Library, before which he was Curator of Graphic Arts in the
Princeton University Library; and he has held curatorial positions at
UCLA's William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, RIT's Cary Collection, and
at the Chapin Library, Williams College. He has published widely on the
history of American papermaking.

AUGUST). A survey of European and American typographic history from 1450 to
the present, but concentrating on the period 1480-1950. Topics will
include: the development of Roman and italic; from Old Style to
Transitional to Modern (Italian, French, Dutch, and English developments);
display types; the coming of machine composition and the historic revivals;
typeface nomenclature; and techniques for dating pre-1885 hand-set
typefaces and for naming post-1885 machine-set typefaces. In laboratory
sessions, students will have a chance to set type by hand, proof, and
print. Instructor: Stanley Nelson.

STANLEY NELSON has been a specialist for many years in the Graphic Arts
Collection of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian
Institution, and he has given many demonstrations and lectured widely on
various aspects of typographic history. He is both author and presenter in
the 1985 Book Arts Press videotape, From Punch to Printing Type: The Art
and Craft of Hand Punchcutting and Typecasting.

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