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 It was, if I am not mistaken, to keep the swell of the  spine to a minimum.
I'm reasonably sure  the folks who designed it gave little thought to the
poor souls who would deal with the problem in the future.

If you mend the folds of the entire volume, the swell of the spine will be
unmanagable.  At best, the text-block will be overly round and there will be
a tremendous excess of movement in the spine.  Fully expecting to get plenty
of opposition, I suggest that it will be quicker and more desirable to hand
oversew your book.  If I thought that " double fanned" adhesive binding was
ever a good idea, I would suggest that method.  If cords imbedded in saw cuts
were used in addition to the adhesive, I would feel differently, but I think
that adhesive alone lacks the proper strength.

Ed Stansell


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