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Re: [BKARTS] skinny gatherings

I didn't know the answer but spoke with my boss here at the press and he

Smaller press sizes may be it, sure, but consider this:

If you are printing in the 1600s, you are printing on a wooden hand press,
which uses a screw. The bigger the area of the form, the more pressure that
would have to be exerted in order to get an even impression across the whole
form. There's only so much pressure you can extert, depending on the screw,
the length of the handle, and the strength of the pressman (it's basic
physics). Even on a bigger hand presses, it is easier to print 4-up than
8-up as far as controlling impression goes.

So my guess would be that it's more an issue of the surface area of the form
and the limitations of the screw design than of the size of the press

- Christine

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