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Re: [BKARTS] Curators and Collectors [Commercial Notice]

Jules wrote:
>Each copy will be individually printed on a laser printer. Buyers will
>subscribe to the edition by placing a deposit, then receive their copies
>dated, numbered and personally endorsed in the order the subscriptions

Oh, tha's interesting.  Sort of like the "print on demand" thing that
commercial book publishers do.......and "pre-publication sales".  I just
didn't know what it was called in the art book field.

< This will enable me to keep the price down, as I will get my
>production costs in advance. We are thinking about cutting the subscriptions
>off at a maximum of 150 -- God willing we get that many.>

It should work for you; it works for other publishers.

>I need the seed money to get some stuff such as a paper cutter and book
>press, as I am now making dummies on my kitchen table, using alligator
>clamps and the like and then taking them to a print shop to trim.>

I used to do that.......For trimming, I use a little Elfa self-healing
cutting matt and ruler, and wheel cutter.......they are really quilting
supplies, but they work great for trimming paper, too.

Good luck with the project!

Bobbi C.

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