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Re: [BKARTS] Call For Entries - Australia

The information is on the web:
some of their website has not been updated but the 2003 entry forms are there.
Emily Martin

J Barrass wrote:

> The information on the Noosa Website is for Books 2002. Apparently the entry
> form and information for Books 2003 is not yet on the site - but will be
> sometime soon. (Well..........I guess it is just Chinese New year today.)
> I posted the information re Books 2003 on this list when I received the
> forms in the mail, not realising the information was not yet available on
> the web.
> I understand some people are unable to open the PDF file that Maryke has
> sent to them. I think she is working on putting this into some other format,
> but you could also ask for an entry form to be sent via the snail mail I
> guess.
> Emily, it might still be a good idea for you to post the information when it
> gets to you.
> Regards
> Judy Barrass

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