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Re: [BKARTS] How to Repair a book but save the pastedowns?

Thank you to everyone who replied.  I have ordered the Arthur Johnson book,
as recommended. There were a few copies available through amazon.com's
dealers.  I look forward to taking on the challenge.

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Subject: Re: How to Repair a book but save the pastedowns?

> This is a detailed and lengthy procedure to write here, although if you
> how to case-in, it is not difficult.  Arthur Johnson's Book Repair and
> Conservation gives a good description on how to do this.  The technique
> essentially involved the lifting of old materials with a lifting knife or
> scalpel and inserting the new materials underneath. You can order it
> an interlibrary loan in a US library under "The practical guide to book
> repair and conservation / Arthur W. Johnson." I think it may be impossible
> to find for purchase.  It is by no means the only book that details this
> technique, but it is my favorite for its simplicity.
> Karen Terrell Pardue
> WhiteRiver Studio
> Colorado Springs, CO
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> Subject: How to Repair a book but save the pastedowns?
> I have been given an old copy of a cookbook to repair -- it is in very
> condition, but has no spine.  However, I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.
> The pastedowns on the inside front and back covers have measurement and
> conversion instructions, but more importantly, contains handwritten notes
> from the original owner.  The current owner of the book has asked me to
> preserve these if at all possible.
> So....how do I add a spine to existing covers and case in the book without
> covering up the existing pastedowns?
> Thanks,
> Ann

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