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[BKARTS] Los Angeles Book Arts Center

Greetings to All:

Hope everyone's year is starting out well.  Just want to let you know that
our classes have been getting amazing reviews from the student body.
Everyone is having a wonderful time and making spectacular art and that is
exactly what we have been working to accomplish.

Here is a list of our February Offerings for those of you who might be
interested in adding a little creativity to your new year:

We still have two spaces available in Beth Thielen's Pop Up Case Class on
February 8 and 9.  This is her "mechanical" book that raises out of the case
when the case is opened.  In this two day class you will also be making paste
papers to cover your book and case.  This class will take you on an in-depth
study of book art you are sure to enjoy as Beth is a delight to work with.

We also recommend Jessica Holada and Richenda Brim's Grab Bag Class on
February 16.  This class is all about spontaneity as they will be giving you
a bag of supplies and goodies and instructing you on how to use your unique
creativity and resourcefulness to create a book.  This is all about using
what one has, recycled art and one of a kind works.  Definitely a fun day of
inspiration and enlightenment.

For those of you interested in alternate printing forms you should take a
look at Marcia Moore's Xerox Transfer Printing on February 22.  Marcia will
show you beautiful ways to transfer pictures and text to all surfaces.  You
will be creating original and unique images to incorporate into your book and
paper art.

And finally we strongly recommend Barbara Hodgsen's The Book As Art
Lecture/Demonstration Class on February 23.  Barbara is a renowned writer,
book designer and photographer and is coming to Los Angeles to share her
unique take on the art form and to help inspire your creativity.  We will all
be at this class and hope to see you there.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and check out our website
at <A HREF="www.LABookArts.com">www.LABookArts.com</A> for more information on classes, lectures and events.

Please let me know if there is anything else you would care to see offered.

Thank you.

Lisa Deutsch
Los Angeles Book Arts Center
8642 Gregory Way
Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 657-2616

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