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Re: [BKARTS] Lewis Carroll article on spine panel / titling proportions

I remember coming across a passage in Burdett a few years ago and asked
this group the same question.  At that time no one knew the source.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention again.

This is where I first encountered the mention of Lewis Carroll.

Eric Burdett, The Craft of Bookbinding: A Practical Handbook. 1983

>From page 84:
"Consideration should be given to the lettering or any decoration to be
placed there (the spine) later.  An essay upon the importance of
mathematical precision in the designing of book spines was written by
Lewis Carroll, who was an eminent mathematician as well as an author.
In it he discussed not only the number and size of spine panels but the
placing of lettering in them. Assuming five bands are required, the back
is divided into six panels between the cutting points, that at the tail
being about one-third larger than the remainder in order to give a
balanced effect to the finished spine. ...."

Still pondering,

Mercedes  :-)
Mercedes Bookbinding & Repair
Toronto, ON    CANADA
email:  villa-urbana@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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