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Re: [BKARTS] skinny signatures

  Esthetics and practicality are as subjective as any other factor, Ed.  I
wouldn't say that I would never consider oversewing, but on a book with
good paper from 1668 I am about as likely to do it as I am to douse my hair
with gasoline and light it as a way of illuminating my work area.  (If you
have as much hair as I do, it would be a hell of a torch, too.)  Quite
frankly, as a bookbinder, I would consider it highly unethical, but that is
a personal view.    On the practical side, I am not sure the book would
take oversewing.  The margins are plenty wide enough, but the paper, though
quite flexible, is soft and tears easily.   Esthetics?  I have never liked
the way oversewn books open; the gutters look pinched and steep to me,
especially in a book this thick.  It does give you a very sound, rock hard,
spine (even after all the pages have split off and fallen out) for tooling
and such, though.   I equate oversewing in my own mind with wearing
stiletto heels.  Short women have assured me it is the most practical way
to deal with a world built for the tall.  Some people (often people who
would never consider wearing such shoes themselves) consider them, and the
effect they produce, esthetically pleasing.  Still, in my own mind the
gains are rarely worth the pain and dangers such shoes inflict upon the
 highly subjective and opinionated in Boston,

At 07:55 PM 2/3/2003, you wrote:

I don't know that economics alone is the reason I would recommend oversewing
your book. It is more a matter of esthetics and practicality.

Ed Stansell

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