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Re: [BKARTS] skinny signatures

Dear Ed
  Thank you for clarifying your point, and, yes, I thought you meant the
vicious kind.  I have seen several kinds of oversewing in old books,
including the kind I think you are describing.  I haven't done it, but it
looks like the binder was sewing with the signature closed but with a hand
or some object inside the center folio and taking just a little bit of the
fold with the needle angled out from the spine.  Yes, one does see it a
lot, and the opening is gentler than the pulled tight ropes I often see on
"library binding" done far too late into the twentieth century.
   I would still hesitate to do the first kind since the paper is very
soft.  I don't think I want to line the spine as heavily as I would have to
do if I used that kind of stitch.  Of course, I will be putting tissue
around those folds, which will reinforce them quite a bit.   At this point
I am leaving the final decision until after I finish the mending and can
see how much of a problem it creates.  Wish me luck.  It will take a while
to get to that point since people do insist on bringing me all these other
broken books.....

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