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Re: [BKARTS] skinny signatures

Dear Edward and Dorothy,

I have never seen this technique.  Could you point me to any references,
perhaps a picture or two on the web?

And Dorothy, all this personal reference makes me want to see a picture of
you, preferably with flaming hair.  No one injured or maimed of course.  A
striking image, though.  Something like the burning bush?  Would you know
something about the voice, then?


At 10:55 AM 04/02/2003 -0500, Edward Stansell wrote In response to Dorothy

HAND oversewing that I do and have seen examples of in relatively old volumes
(late 18th and 19th century) is done with a very fine needle and very fine
thread sewn onto linen cords. Books sewn by this method open as well or
nearly so, as a section sewn book. The thread with which they are sewn is not
drawn taught, allowing for necessary movement and flexibility. I do not
prefer hand oversewing to section sewing, but I prefer it to adhesive only or
saw and cord methods of building a text-block.  I suggest that you try it on
an not so rare a volume as a test. I believe you'll change your mind about
HAND oversewing.

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