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[BKARTS] Alum tawed thongs

Hello everyone,
I am looking for some help with using alum tawed thongs.
I have just ordered some alum tawed goat and will be using it to make some
books sewn on raised thongs.
Could anyone let me know how thick the thongs should be?
And how wide I should make them?
Is there a thonging tool that would make the thongs easier to cut?

I am hoping to make some books not taller than about 20cm and using about
four raised bands, probably double-bands. I was thinking that if the bands
where thin, they may very well roll up as I draw the thread around the
leather. I was hoping for a more flat raised band.
Most of the sewing diagrams I have seen have just one sewing hole in the
section for each double band. If the bands are wide, is it necessary to use
a hole in the section each side of each band? That would mean three holes
per sewing station?

The type of binding I am looking for is one like Richard Minsky's at:
which Richard pointed out to us earlier on the list. (Hope you don't mind
my pointing to your work) Beautiful stuff but not a good choice of example
by me because they are only 'simulated cords'.

Do you think that the bands in the following example are single bands with
a sewing hole either side of the band? In which case do I treat the sewing
as if I were sewing over tapes? Please look at this site and follow link to
Adam Watson's book: "Horned oak II" which I think is so cool.

Thanks for any help.

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