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[BKARTS] Lifting Knives

Find a hacksaw blade, preferably the type coated with blue paint. 

Cut across the middle at an angle of 45 degrees. I used a bolt cutter. 

If you have access to a power grinder, grind a bevel along the edge of each part so you have left and right blades. 

Get out the honing oil and your best sharpening stones and sharpen the edges. Finish by stropping on a strop made by rubbing metal polish onto the rough side of a piece of skin glued to a lath of wood. 

I did this after reading Middleton's repair of Leather Bonfings. 

If you have some thin leather or book cloth, cover the handle part or find someone who can grind the edge smooth. 

Make a cover from two pieces of acid free board covered with cloth or leather or be lazy and push each blade into a cheap erazer to keep them protected. 

I find it better to cut under the paste down about two layers into the board. 

Hope this makes sense 


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