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[BKARTS] DRUKsel: a fair for private presses and small publishers (Ghent, Belgium)

Ghent, 05.02.2003


Druksel 2003, a fair for private presses and small publishers takes place
during the Flemish Heritage weekend on April 26th en 27th 2003. This year
the Museum of Fine Arts (Citadelpark, Ghent) hosts the Druksel fair.
As of old Druksel focuses on editors combining high quality content with
high standard design. 'Special' books and books that are not commonly found
in main stream book shops constitute the heart of all Druksel activities.
The Druksel fair shows bibliophile editions, livres d'art, contemporary
book design,  work of 'small' editors, mail art, magazines dealing with
literature and art,...
Practical arrangements:
*       unloading is possible at a small square adjoining the museum. Parking
facilities are ample in the immediate surroundings of the museum ; at
Saturday the museum is open for you at 9.00 a.m., for the public at 10.00 a.m.
*       Druksel provides tables (80 x 180 cm) and chairs
*       It will be possible to get a drink in the museum's cafetaria
*       Either you come to the fair in person or either you have it sold for you
by a friend-editor (or by Druksel)
*       if you decide to take part, you are obliged to be 'present' during the
two days of the fair from 10.00 am until 06.00 pm (you can't come only on
Saturday or only on Sunday)
*       it would be much appreciated if you helped us to spread pr-material (see
also subscription form below)
*       also this year a file will be made (150 ex.) containing work of all the
exhibitors. This file will be sold at a fair price on the fair for the
benefit of Druksel vzw. We do not impose any rules or restrictions
concerning the individual contributions, but it is an absolute requirement
for the exhibitors to provide a contribution to this file. This may be a
publisher's catalogue, a print, a card, a poem, an illustration, ... This
contribution is your business card for the visitor: "this is what I'm
doing". Take into consideration though that the file has an A4-format. The
contribution must be submitted on 150 ex. by March 21st.
*       exhibitors pay 40 euro for 2 days. Exhibitors from abroad are allowed to
pay this sum of money at the day of the fair. All exhibitors receive an
invoice at the fair
*       subscriptions have to be in by March 1 2002. The number of tables is
limited, so don't wait too long to subscribe
*       at the occasion of Druksel's sixth birthday, you are kindly invited to a
small reception on Saturday after the fair.
*       Information about Ghent can be found on www.gent.be, information about
bread and breakfast can be found on

Druksel 2003 promises to be quite an event again, we sincerely hope you
will be part of it


For Druksel: velter

*       March 1st: subscription forms must be in and the contribution must be paid
*       March 21st: contribution to the Druksel-file must be in (only after we
have received your contribution, the subscription is considered as
definite). Contributions are sent to Druksel vzw p.a. Johan Velter,
Gentbruggestraat 106, B-9040 Gent, Belgium
*       April 26th and 27st: Druksel 2003

NB DRUKsel has its own website: www.druksel.be . If you signal us your URL,
we can provide a link to it from the DRUKsel website.


Subscription form

Publishing house/magazine/organisation/antiquarian bookshop:

Which funds are represented?

I will be present at the fair and will take care of my own stand
I have my work sold by Druksel
I want    posters and      postcards to distribute
My contribution to the file will be:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DRUKsel - Johan Velter
Gentbruggestraat 106
B- 9040 Gent

Tel. : +32 (0)
Mobile +32 (0)473.50.99.18
www.druksel.be     johan.velter@xxxxxxxxxx
postrekening : 000-0727358-52 (IBAN: BE 64 - BIC: BPOT BEB1)

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