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[BKARTS] Vellum source

We've been pleased with Jesse Meyer's parchment -- on which more in a
posting later this evening (as "Freshest Advices").

At 06:05 PM 2/5/2003, Shari DeGraw wrote:
Jesse Meyer makes vellum/parchment in Montgomery, New York.
Jesse Meyer Parchment Maker
11 Factory St., PO Box 307
Montgomery, NY, 12549
B: 845.457.3834 Fax: 845.457.9115
email: mctanner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Terry Belanger : University Professor : University of Virginia : Rare Book School : 114 Alderman Library : Charlottesville, VA 22903 : Telephone 434/924-8851 fax 434/924-8824 email belanger@xxxxxxxxxxxx : URL <http://www.rarebookschool.org>

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