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[BKARTS] Illuminated manuscript scanning resolutions

James Pepper
Illuminated Manuscript scanning resolutions
I have my New Testament scanned at 150 dpi and I wanted to know what
resolution I should rescan it in so that I can get the best resolution for a
facsimile edition of my Bible. Each file comes out to about 12 MB in size.
The pages are 9 by 12 inches and so take up an enormous amount of space. The
Old Testament Books are 11 by 14 except for Psalms which are 7 by 11 each
scanned at 300dpi . The second set of Gospel Books are also 11X14 inches and
also scanned at 300 dpi.  These make very large files.  Also I would like to
know if anyone has any special techniques to scan gold and other metals on
the page as I can't seem to get the filigree to show up properly.
Each page is made entirely by hand and then I scan it.

James G.Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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