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Re: [BKARTS] Mayan Hearts

Yo, Ed:
Me me me!  Please! If not, I will survive, as she sang...
(I got the same e-mail from Mexico, fyi)

>>> editions@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 02/05/03 08:15PM >>>
I've heard that several people have tried to order a copy of Mayan
hearts but have not received a reply from Robert Laughlin.  He sent
me an e-mail from Mexico and said that the checks will be deposited
and the books mailed when he returns.  Because the books are being
shipped in batches of 20 copies it may take a while to fill all the

Meanwhile, I received about two dozen copies of the invitation for
the gala presentation at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City
on February 14.  The envelope is silk-screened in red and black and
has a large red fibrous cutout heart on the flap.  The invitation is
an irregular cut heart-shaped card and inside there is an
illustration and text, also in two colors.  If you  have ordered a
copy of  Diccionario del corazón (Mayan Hearts) and you send me a
snail mail address you will be sent a copy of the invitation.  While
supplies last, of course.  Ed

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