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Re: [BKARTS] Illuminated manuscript scanning resolutions


I've been scanning lots of my artwork lately, and have found that almost no
matter what I do, the files will be huge.  One suggestion someone made to
me was to store them on a CD-ROM.
This takes care of storage.  However, I've also had problems printing the
larger files because of a lack of proper disk space.  So far, I've had to
stick to 5x7" or smaller prints........

I find that I get good resolution by scanning at 300 dpi or even 600 dpi on
the smaller work.......Even at that, I find that the prints don't always
match what I see on the screen.  So I have to adjust for those.  300 dpi is
that a lot of books recommend.....I sometimes do 600 because my collages
have handmade paper in them, and I need the extra resolution to show the

About the gold........all I can recommend is to "fiddle" with the settings
on your scanning software.  I'm using a very old version of DeskScan that
came with my even older HP scanner........But even it lets me try scanning
for different things....sometimes scanning on the "color photo" setting
works better than scanning on the "millions of colors" setting.  I had some
gold threaded ribbon on one of my collages, and was eventually able to get
a very good scan of it.

Your project sounds interesting........good luck with it.  All the
printer/scanning stuff is so frustrating.......

Bobbi C.
Mixed-media art collage & design

>I have my New Testament scanned at 150 dpi and I wanted to know what
>resolution I should rescan it in so that I can get the best resolution for a
>facsimile edition of my Bible. ..>>>

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