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[BKARTS] Anybody published commercially?

Hi folks,

I'm wondering if anyone here has had any of your artist's books published
by a commercial press?  I saw several books at Barnes & Noble the other day
(should have written down the titles, but didn't), that looked like
artist's books, but had been published by Chronicle Books.  They were
gorgeous! I'm thinking that the artists probably did their own handmade
books, then sold the idea to the publishers afterwards.

Or, has anyone here had any luck placing your art books in gift shops to be
sold?  Seems like there's a good "in-between" market here some place.....Or
would the pricing be prohibitive?

One of my goals is to combine my writing and artwork into a book of some
kind.  Thanks for any information.........

Bobbi C.
Mixed-media art collage & design

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