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Re: [BKARTS] Illuminated manuscript scanning resolutions

Re: [BKARTS] Illuminated manuscript scanning resolutions
Dear Elsi and Bobbie C.:
Thank You. I have been putting them on CDs and I have been having trouble
with memory in using the files on the computer.a 600 dpi image would be at
least 100 MB in size and of course I have an old computer so oops  I have
Photoshop to deal with the image manipulation.  I thought that the gold would
have to be done in a separate printing process but was not sure about that.

       The problem I have is that none of it is digital to start out with, it
is all by hand and so when it comes to the very intricate work, most of the
effect is caused by how the light shines on the page and a scanner just never
seems to capture it, neither do photographs.  And I have come to the
conclusion that they may never do, so the Bible will have to be seen in
person instead of digitally. It is a shame too, because some of these pages
are just beautiful and I can't seem to capture the fullness of it in a
digital image!
       One of the first things I noticed scanning these pages is the blue
shift of scanners.  I use a lot of ultramarine in the images and they just
don't come out well with the full color.  And yes I know about the non photo
blue and I don't use it although I do have a light blue that does seem to
show up on a scan. Jade doesn't scan well!  Scanners also pick up preliminary
drawings that are etched into the image and so I have to be careful about
that, but I will not sacrifice the creative process for an image.  That Chi
Rho page on the front page of my website is the best illuminated page that
scanned well, and it is not even close to what it actually looks like in
       The paintings in watercolor show up well and I would recommend that
medium for scanning.

Thank You again,

James G. Pepper
Biblical Scribe


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