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Re: [BKARTS] Anybody published commercially?

>I know that there have been some beautiful books published by Chronicle in
>trade editions. Aunt Sallie's Lament which was designed (I believe) by
>Claire Van Vliet, was originally a letterpress project.
>The only thing that gives me pause about the company is that a number of
>their books are "manufactured in China."

Hi c.

That may be the one I saw........can't remember.  I'll have to go back and
find it  again.

As for the China thing, I'm having a slight "moral dilemma" about that now.
I've been approached by several agents who say that my artwork is perfect
for licensing (for fabrics, giftware, etc.), and I know several artists who
are making a good living doing this now.  However, *lots* of that stuff is
made in China, or eventually ends up in a landfill somewhere, or has major
toxic manufacturing processes.  Being somewhat "green" myself, this bothers

I'm not sure what the answer is.....except maybe to work for companies that
only print in the U.S., or design for other "green companies"??

OR do them all myself, and hope I can market and sell them.......that
really appeals to me, being the "do-it-yourselfer" type......but as you
know, that's not easy, either.

Thanks for the note......I'll see if I can find that book.

Bobbi C.

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