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[BKARTS] Lewis Carroll and the dust jacket connection

Hello! Regarding the recent query on Lewis Carroll and his mathematical considerations of the proper panel / titling proportions on the spine of a book, I put the question to the Lewis Carroll list yesterday. To date I haven't received an answer, but was directed to a series of three messages in their archives that had a Carroll connection to book arts, specifically regarding dust jackets. Those three messages are pasted below for your interest. The third message in the thread credits Dodgson (Carroll) with the idea of printing the title of the book on the spine of the dust jacket... so we're getting warm!

Hopefully in the next few days I'll hear from someone in the group who can shed some light on our puzzle.

Best regards,
Kris Young
Vancouver, WA

I need a wee bit of help......... I *know* that Lewis Carroll 
invented the dust-jacket....one of the few innovations of his which 
is not only used, but extremely commonplace today. I am almost 
certain that Carroll suggested the dust-jacket concept - originally a 
plain paper wrapper which protected the cover- for publication 
of "The Hunting of the Snark". However I have been unable to find a 
reference to this rarely acknowledged invention. If anyone can help 
me with a suitable reference I would be most grateful (I'll give them 
sixpence, as Alice once said.I even have the sixpence!) I would be 
curious to know if there are any first editions which still have 
their dust-jacket.


"Three Centuries of the Dust Jacket"


This article appears to indicate that the paper dust jacket history 
goes back three centuries (plus three extra years now).

While Lewis Carroll may have been an advocate of the dust jacket, he 
can only have been an inventor of some very specific form unknown to 
the book trade for the prior 150 or so years.

So, my read on this is basically a myth of positive attribution.


Minutiae isn't usually my thing but  I think I know this one. 

CLD didn't invent the dust jacket; he invented the very sensible idea of printing the title of the book on the spine of the jacket - so it could be identified while on a bookshelf. 

If I'm wrong about this I'm sure someone will say so.   


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