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Rutgers University Libraries has mounted a digital exhibition about Lynd
Ward's woodcut novel, Vertigo (1937), his final graphic novel and his
largest. It's really a pocket exhibition, discussing only 18 of the 230
engravings, but worth a look I think primarily because of the scanned
images of Ward's woodblocks. By using the djvu format, we've achieved a
quality of image whose magnification and clarity surpasses anything
available as a standard jpg or gif. One can actually note the varied
depths of Ward's engraved lines.

The URL is http://sallie.rutgers.edu/~triggs/WARD/Vertigo

Vertigo makes use of 4 different block sizes, each of which assumes
distinct although overlapping narrative and dramatic roles. Our exhibition
discusses several ways Ward uses the small (2" x 2") block/image, in terms
of his narrative strategies for telling a story entirely through pictures,
and in terms of the socio-cultural discourses of his time. (For example,
we note how he uses symbols and details recursively, constructing a
hypertextual element in his work, as well as how his work is ideologically
positioned with regard to gothic narrative and to issues of employment,
the military, popular culture, etc.) Check it out.


Michael Joseph
     Rutgers University Libraries
      Special Collections and University Archives
        Archibald S. Alexander Library
         Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
          New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1163

                voice: 732-932-7006
                 email: mjoseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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