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Re: [BKARTS] Vellum source

In a message dated 2/9/03 2:36:30 AM, tcl@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< There is a new vellum maker on the scene.  Lloyd Lewis, of New Zealand.
E-mail address: james.torrey@xxxxxxxxxx >>

I got this vellum makers name from Jack and ordered some for a class I was
teaching in limp vellum binding. They came quickly and there was no hassle
about how to pay. We all loved working with it. The marks on the skins only
added to the beauty of the cover. I could e-mail a photo of a book  from my
class if anyone wants to see the vellum. I also tried dying it. It took the
dye fine and dried just as soft and supple as before the dying. Some of the
lighter colors did not appeal to me but the dark dyes, ones that blended more
with the colors of the marks on the vellum were beautiful.
Patricia Grass

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