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[BKARTS] Fwd: use of scroll in science education

hello folks.
i'm doing an investigation for a masters project on the use of the scroll
(or concertina/orihon) in science education classrooms as a tool for
continual observation journal.
i see the scroll as a metaphor for the natural and continuous growth or
phases of natural phenomena.
here are a few of my assumptions: i believe that
> the kinesethics of making a scroll enhances conceptual understanding
> the scroll unfolds the story
>. the scroll illustrates continuity; a path
> in a scroll, it's all there at the same time
> when you have pages, life (or what you are "studying") gets segmented.
>. therefore, the scroll is a natural metaphor for integration and vehicle
>or education as a path, not a destination.

i'm curious to know what is being done with scrolls in classrooms.
and more specifically what are people's thoughts on the use of the scroll
(particularly this medium) for developing meaning and understanding in
scientific observation.

looking forward to response.


jessica levine
masters candidate
antioch university
seattle, wa

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