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[BKARTS] Pellon or equal

Good morning list,

Printers and Pellon: I have checked archives but do not find information I
swear I have read here before concerning printing on Pellon or its friendly
companion whose name I can never keep in my brain. As I own Pellon, I hope
to use it instead of its cousin.

The question: will it (Pellon) melt in a printer or cause other damage? I am
aware that it takes print on an etching press quite well. However, this is
pressure without heat. And if for some reason, the cousin prints better than
Pellon (being of just enough difference in chemical composition to take the
heat) please assure me and I will hasten to the cousin store to purchase.

As always, I enjoy the tenor of this list and appreciate the wealth of
information people are willing to share. Also, in going to the book list
site, I note with glee the updated visuals. Very nice!

Thanks to any who take time to improve my learning curve.


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